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Our Vision

"...write the vision and make it plain...that he may run who reads it."

Habakkuk 2:2


The purpose of Speak Life Community Church is to joyful worship the Lord our God in Spirit and in Truth, for we were created for His glory and for His pleasure.


We seek to shine as a light on a hill, reflecting the beauty and surety of God's love, and we endeavor to faithfully and lovingly teach the continued relevance of the Word of God, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


It is our vision to establish a church where the Spirit of the Lord dwells within the heart of the worshippers. With Christ as our Foundation, we shall be a healthy church, teaching God's principles to restore hope to the lost, strength to the weak, rest to the weary, joy to the mourning, encouragement to the down-heartened, and living water to those who are thirsting after the Lord.


Through the light of God's Word, loving, healthy lives and relationships will be nurtured, and the saints of God will be equipped to walk in the authority of their blessings and to minister for God.

Sunday morning exhortation from First Lady Katy Gash's perspective. She took the photo from the stage where you can see her open Bible, the speaker, and the crowd listening to the speaker.
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